More about Frank & COMMENTS about Cottage Place Flavors

F r a n k B r a n h a m has been an Executive Chef
for 23 years, and purchased, The Cottage Place
Restaurant, in Flagstaff, Arizona 18 years ago.
Frank is a Certified Executive Chef and member
of the American Academy of Chefs, the honor
society of the American Culinary Federation. He
was voted “Chef of the Year” in northern Arizona
three different years. Frank has mentored and been
key in the career of countless students, cooks, and
employees all of whom have, in turn, helped him
grow professionally.

Frank is known throughout northern Arizona
and beyond for his special menus, his multi-course
wine dinners, upscale catering events, and a popular
series of cooking classes.

"Went to Changing Hands Bookstore to pick up your new cookbook today. It was well worth the trip. Brought it home and read it cover to cover, commenting to my wife about every fine meal remembered. Congrats on a great book and we are looking forward to our next visit to the Cottage." 

"Got it, read it, love it."

"Wow!   This is so much more than a fabulous cookbook.  From beginning to end--Frank’s “fireside chat-style” Introduction, his discussion of Flavors, Nancy’s personal history of the Cottage—we are invited to share not just recipes, but an intimate and very special place.  Thank you."

"The photography is stunning."

"Frank is a genius!  We, who often enjoy his Cottage Place dinners and cooking classes, have always known that.  Now it’s in print so the whole world can know."

"Going to have some friends over to drink some wine and check it out." 

Frank Branham, Chef of The Cottage Place
Restaurant, has created a true culinary masterpiece
in our humble mountain town. Start with a
dynamic menu, add a gigantic wine list, mix
liberal amounts of flawless food preparation and
presentation, then top it off with 5-star service, and
you get a “destination” dining experience for both
locals and anyone visiting northern Arizona!

—Mitch Strohman,
Voice of NAU Sports, and host of
“What’s Cooking with Mitch”
It is very exciting to see this chronicle
of history and recipes from The Cottage Place Restaurant in Flagstaff. Frank’s culinary skills, pursuit of flavors, and dedication is second to none. The Cottage Place has risen to the top for tourists and locals alike.

—Al White,
Vice Mayor of Flagstaff
What a treasure! With all his years of cooking and
teaching it’s exciting for Chef Frank to finally create
a book of his amazing flavors. Frank Branham is
quite simply one of my favorite chefs.

—Chef John Conley, Owner,
Salsa Brava,
Flagstaff, Arizona
Frank is in the fraternity of chefs that keeps classicand elegant gastronomy alive and well. When Frank and Nancy dine at my restaurant...I am still utterly flattered.

—Steve Scully, Owner,
Karma Sushi,
Flagstaff, Arizona